Best of Tucson® 2020: The Finalists

Survey ends August 24, 2020 at 04:00 AM.

The lost treasures of Tucson are spoken of in hushed whispers. Who knows what happened to these legendary talismans after they vanished more than a century ago? Did they really have magical powers? And where are they today? Tucson Weekly is on the hunt for these long-lost treasures—and we need your help to find them as we embark on Best of Tucson® 2020. But we’re not just looking for lost treasures. We’re celebrating the living legends of today: our restaurateurs, our brewers, our artists, our musicians, our bartenders, our coffee grinders, our bakers, our writers, our merchants and all the others who make our Sonoran home such a hospitable place. That’s where you come in. We’re asking you to vote once again in Best of Tucson®. You already nominated your favorites, and we tallied those primary results to get the top five nominees in each category. Those top finalists now compete for your votes through midnight on Monday, Aug. 24. And on Oct. 22, we’ll announce the winners in our special Best of Tucson® collector’s edition! Vote below!

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